Kitten Questionnaire

My kittens are very special to me.  I raise them for three to four months and come to love them dearly.  When I place them in a home, it is like an adoption of a family member.  In an effort to make sure the kitten goes to the right home, I have some questions I like to ask of all potential buyers.

Please give complete answers.  The more information you provide about you, your family and lifestyle, the more accurately we can judge the right kitty for you.

    1. Have you visited or contacted other breeders? Why didn't you buy from them?

    2. Have you owned an Exotic Shorthair or Persian before? If not, what made you decide on this breed?

    3. Where will your kitten sleep?

    4. Where will the kittens litter box be located?

    5. What will you feed your kitten? Are you willing to purchase the same food that the kitten is eating now?

    6. Will your kitten be strictly indoors?

    7. Do you have other pets to keep your kitten company? How many hours a day is someone home, on average?

    8. Do you have young children? If not, are there some that visit you often?

    9. How many household members live in your home and their ages?

    10. Does anyone in your household have allergies or asthma? Do any household members smoke?

    11. How many pets do you own at present time? Cats? Dogs? Other? Please list breeds and ages, whether indoor or outdoor pets, whether they are spayed, neutered or intact and whether they have any medical issues.

    12 . Do you own your home or rent? Does your lease allow pets? How long have you lived at your current address?

    13. Have you ever had to give up a pet for any reason. Give details

    14. What Veterarian do you use? Name, address and phone number?

    Please prove you are human by selecting the Truck.

    If you do not hear from us within 24 hours please email us! or call me at 517 643-1378